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Abrahamson, DorEducation4649 Tolman Hall, University of California, Berkeley510 643 3599
Agarwalla, ManeeshComputer Science
Banks, MartinVision Sciences506 Minor Hall(510) 642-9341
Caldwell, RoyIntegrative Biology
Campbell, JohnPhilosophy140 Moses Hall2-3309
Carmena, JoseElectrical Engineering and Cognitive Science Program517 Cory Hall643-2430
Chen, MelindaDept. of Gender and Women's Studies
D'Esposito, MarkPsychology3309 Tolman Hall(510) 643-3340
Deacon, TerrenceAnthropology329 Kroeber(510) 642-8711
diSessa, AndreaEducation4647 Tolman Hall(510) 642-4206
Dreyfus, HubertPhilosophy303 Moses Hall(510) 642-7463
Ervin-Tripp, SusanPsychology534 Evans Hall(510) 926-9578
Feldman, JeromeComputer Science731 Soda Hall(510) 666-2914
Gahl, SusanneLinguistics
Gallant, JackPsychology642-2606
Gopnik, AlisonPsychology3317 Tolman(510) 642-2752
Griffiths, TomPsychology and Cognitive Science Program(510) 642-7134
Hafter, ErvinPsychology3113 Tolman Hall(510) 642-7133
Heit, EvanCognitive Science, UC Merced
Ivry, RichardPsychology3119 Tolman Hall(510) 642-7146
Jacobs, LuciaLinguistics3129 Dwinelle(510) 642-5739
Kay, PaulLinguisticsInternational Computer Science Institute, 1947 Center, Berkeley, CA 94704(510) 666-2885
Kihlstrom, JohnPsychology3210 Tolman(510) 642-5293
Klein, DanComputer Science775 Soda Hall510-643-0805
Klein, StanleyVision Sciences3210 Tolman(510) 642-5293
Knight, RobertPsychology3210 Tolman(510) 642-6075
Lakoff, GeorgeLinguistics2329 Dwinelle(510) 643-7616
Lombrozo, TaniaPsychology
Malik, JitendraComputer Science725 Soda Hall(510) 642-7597
Matlock, TeenieCognitive Science
Mchombo, SamLinguistics2416 Dwinelle Hall(510) 643-7622
Narayanan, SriniCognitive Science Program
Nunberg, GeoffreySchool of Information
Olshausen, BrunoNeuroscienceEvans Hall, room 570643-1472
Palmer, StephenPsychology3125 Tolman Hall(510) 642-7135
Presti, DavidMolecular and Cell Biology510-643-2111
Prinzmetal, WilliamPsychologyG33 Tolman Hall(510) 643-7635
Ranney, MichaelEducation 4655 Tolman Hall(510) 642-4206
Rhodes, RichardLinguistics2327 Dwinelle Hall(510) 643-7325
Robertson, LynnPsychologyG12 Tolman(510) 642-6270
Rosch, EleanorPsychology3127 Tolman Hall(510) 642-7099
Roush, SherriPhilosophy
Russell, StuartComputer Science727 Soda Hall(510) 642-4964
Saxe, GeoffreyEducation4315 Tolman Hall510 643 6627
Schoenfeld, AlanEducation4653 Tolman Hall(510) 642-0968
Searle, JohnPhilosophy148 Moses(510) 642-3173
Shinamura, ArthurPsychology3311 Tolman Hall(510) 642-7131
Slobin, DanPsychology2323 Rose St., Berkeley, CA 94708(510) 848-1769
Sweetser, EveEducation2404 Dwinelle Hall(510) 643-7618
Talmy, LeonardLinguistics644-1064
Walker, MatthewPsychology
Wessel, DavidMusic and Psychology1750 Arch St.
Willer, RobbSociology466 Barrows Hall643-5444
Xu, FeiPsychology
Zadeh, LotfiComputer Science729 Soda Hall(510) 642-4959
Zipser, DavidCognitive Science