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Seminar: 3/12 - Art Shimamura

11:00 to 12:30 PM      at:  5101 Tolman Hall

Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley
"Remembering past events: A brain-based model of episodic retrieval."

What did you eat for dinner two nights ago? Our ability to remember such events depends on the successful "re-collection" of source information, such as the time, place, people, thoughts, and feelings associated with the event. Recent neuroimaging findings suggest that ventral regions of the posterior parietal cortex (vPPC) are particularly active when successful recollection of source information is accomplished. A new conceptualization of episodic retrieval, called /Cortical Binding of Relational Activity (CoBRA)/, is proposed  in which vPPC activity helps to relate source information into bound episodic ensembles. This process works in conjunction with other known mechanisms, such as those pertaining to prefrontal and medial temporal lobe functions. Evidence for CoBRA and how it contributes to episodic retrieval will be discussed.