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Seminar: 4/30 - Geoff Lee

11:00 to 12:30 PM      at:  5101 Tolman Hall

Department of Philosophy, UC Berkeley
Title: "Consciousness from a Deflationary Perspective."

Recent inter-disciplinary work on consciousness has focused on the
relationship between phenomenal consciousness and a plethora of
distinct kinds of cognitive accessibility (attention, reportability,
discriminability, subjective confidence) and their neurophysiological
underpinnings. I’ll argue that the current evidence, together with a
materialistic view of consciousness (correctly understood) suggests a
surprisingly neglected deflationary, or pluralistic, attitude towards
this debate. Contrary to common sense, “consciousness” does not mark a
deep chasm in nature. Rather, according to an appropriately
re-oriented perspective, there exists a large family of psychological
and neurophysiological distinctions in the vicinity of “consciousness”
that are equally worthy of our intellectual (and moral) concern.