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Seminar: 10/22 - Irv Rock Memorial Lecture: Cathleen Moore, University of Iowa

11:00 to 12:30 PM      at:  5101 Tolman

Attention, organization and perceptual experience: A story of indirect perception

I read Irvin Rock’s book The Logic of Perception in college.  I read his book Indirect Perception ten years later.  Only after having been in the business of attention and perception research long enough to look backward a bit, however, did I realize how much his ideas influenced my work, directly or—perhaps as he would have preferred—indirectly.  I will present a set of studies on visual attention and perception that address a wide variety of specific questions. In particular, I will present work in which my students and I asked how unattended visual information is, and is not, processed; when within the information processing stream spurious changes in illumination (e.g., shadows) are discounted relative to when visual search processes are engaged; how the visual system “knows” which stimulus corresponds to which “object” in dynamic visual representations (i.e., object correspondence across time and space); and what impact perceptual organization has on the updating of dynamic visual representations. Contrary to the apparent disparity of this set of questions, there is a coherent story to be told within the context of Rock’s ideas about indirect perception.