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Seminar: 11/4 - Mikalai Yerchek

11:00 to 12:30 PM      at:  

Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus, Dept. of Psychology
"Thinking and internal speech"

What can a thought consist of? It is constructed of signs (words), images and emotions. Some of our thoughts contain only images or emotions (or both); in this case we are sure we think not in English or Russian but in a zero language. When the proportion of the sign component becomes large, we realize that we think using a certain language. A thorough analysis of how links between images and emotions, images and words, emotions and words are formed provides support for this hypothesis. Experimental data come from studies in which people are asked to listen to a story and signal when they become aware of images or emotions. Two groups of subjects participated in the experiment. The diagrams, representing those moments were alike for the two groups. The results show that understanding speech in most cases can be looked upon as its translation into images and emotions.