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Seminar: 4/21 - Carol Seger

11:00 to 12:30 PM      at:  

Tolman Hall, 5101
Department of Psychology, Colorado State University
"Categories, their Consequences, and the Caudate."

Categorizing a person as a friend or foe, or a fruit as edible or poisonous can and should result in performance of different actions, else the organism will face serious consequences. The striatum, in particular the caudate nucleus, has converging connections with both motor and sensory cortical areas that make it well suited for linking categories with actions. In this talk I will present fMRI studies that shed light on some of the following questions: Do different regions of the caudate perform dissociable roles in learning? How do cortex and striatum work together? Is the caudate part of a neural system responsible for "procedural", or "implicit" learning? How does the caudate interact with memory systems subserved by the medial temporal lobe?