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Seminar: 12/5 - ICBS Faculty Retreat

8:30 to 1:30 PM      at:  Tolman 5101

By invitation

Discovering the Conceptual Primitives and Processes.  
It appears that Cognitive Science is now in a position to discover the
neural basis for many of the conceptual primitives underlying language
and thought. The main concern is conceptual mechanisms that have
neural realization that does not depend on language and culture. These
concepts (the primitives) are good candidates for a catalog of
potential foundations of meaning. This is not about some question of
"innateness"; we have known for decades that there is continual
interplay between genetic and experiential (including cultural)
factors starting from gestation and continuing throughout life. This
panel  will explore the current prospects for postulating and then
experimentally investigating  such conceptual primitives.