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Seminar: 2/13 - Adam Kendon

11:00 to 12:30 PM      at:  5101 Tolman Hall

Independent Scholar and Visiting Scholar
Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, Univ. of Pennsylvania'
"When is an action a 'gesture'? Recognizing 'semantic intent' in bodily movmement."

 In the flow of co-present interaction bodily action enters in the 
communicative process in different ways and at different levels, some 
aspects of it serving as 'background' to other aspects that have a 
role that is more in the 'foreground'. These 'foregrounded' actions 
are often deemed to have 'semantic intent' (often referred to as 
'gestures'). Here I will show examples to illustrate this and to offer 
suggestions about the characteristics such foregrounded movements tend 
to have.