ICBS Faculty

The current faculty members of ICBS (as of October, 2003) are listed below, indicating the institution from which they received their Ph.D., their university position, and their research interests. If you are an ICBS faculty member, you can add or modify your listing online.

Dor Abrahamson Ph.D.  (Northwestern University)

Assistant Professor of Education
Research interests:  The nature of intuitive and formal mathematical reasoning and their dialectical roles in design, teaching, and learning; Theory of design for mathematics education; Educational technology; Philosophy of mathematics.
Web page:  Dor's GSE Faculty Webpage

Maneesh Agarwalla

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Martin S. Banks  (Univerity of Minnesota)

Professor of Vision Sciences, Chair of Vision Science
Research interests:  the use of motion and stereoscopic information to determine the spatial layout of the visible environment and one's motion through that environment, and the development of the human visual system.
Web page:  Lab website

Roy Caldwell

Professor of Integrative Biology

John Campbell  (Oxford Univ.)

Professor of Philosophy
Research interests:  Theory of meaning, metaphysics, and the philosophy of psychology. Currently working on causation in psychology. Author of Past, Space and Self (1994) and Reference and Consciousness (2002).
Web page:  John Campbell webpage

Jose M. Carmena (University of Edinburgh)

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Cognitive Science Program
Research interests:  Brain-machine interfaces; neural mechanisms of sensorimotor control and learning; neural ensemble computation; neuroprosthetics.
Web page:  http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~carmena/

Melinda Y. Chen  (U.C. Berkeley - Linguistics)

Assistant Professor of Dept. of Gender and Women's Studies
Research interests:  Research interests: Culture and cognition, critical linguistics, cognitive grammar, emotion, paradigms of cognitive interdisciplinarity

Mark D'Esposito M.D.  (State University of New York, Syracuse College of Medicine)

Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  working memory and frontal lobe function, functional MRI, cognitive neuroscience.
Web page:  D'Esposito Lab

Terrence W. Deacon

Professor of Anthropology
Research interests:  comparative anatomy, prefrontal cortex, evolution of language

Andrea A. diSessa  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Professor of Education, Associate Dean of the School of Education
Research interests:  instruction in physics and mathematics, computers in education, and genetic epistemology. Author of Turtle Geometry: The Computer as a Medium for Exploring Mathematics (with Hal Abelson).
Web page:  School of Education website, Faculty

Hubert Dreyfus  (Harvard University)

Professor of the Graduate School of Philosophy
Research interests:  mental representation, limits of artificial intelligence, skill acquisition, and development of expertise. Author of What Computers Can't Do: A Critique of Artificial Reason (1972); What Computers Still Can't Do (1992); Being-in-the-World: A Commentary on Heidegger's Being and Time (1991); and co-author (with Stuart E. Dreyfus) of Mind over Machine: The Power of Human Intuition and Expertise in the Era of the Computer (1986).

Susan Ervin-Tripp Professor Emerita  (University of Michigan)

Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  children's acquisition of language, discourse structure, bilingualism, pragmatics. Author of Language Acquisition and Communicative Choice and Child Discourse.
Web page:  http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~ervintrp

Jerome A. Feldman  (Carnegie-Mellon University)

Professor of Computer Science
Research interests:  massively parallel computation and its application to artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Editor of Connectionist Models and their Applications (with David Waltz).
Web page:  Jerry Feldman's web page

Susanne Gahl

Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Research interests:  Language production; exposure-based effects on language processing in adults; lexical access and retrieval
Web page:  Susanne Gahl's webpage

Jack Gallant

Professor of Psychology
Web page:  http://psychology.berkeley.edu/faculty/profiles/jgallant.html

Alison Gopnik Ph.D  (Oxford University)

Professor of Psychology, Professor
Research interests:  Alison Gopnik studies cognitive development in young children in relation to classical philosophical questions about epistemology. She is coauthor of two books "Words, Thoughts and Theories" and "The Scientist in the Crib". In her most recent work, she has been using the Causal Graphical Models or "Bayes net" formalism as a model for causal learning in young children. This work is summarized in A.Gopnik, C. Glymour, D. Sobel, L. Schulz, T. Kushnir, & D. Danks (2004). A theory of causal learning in children: Causal maps and Bayes nets. Psychological Review, 111, 1, 1-31.
Web page:  Research

Tom Griffiths

Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science Program

Ervin Hafter  (University of Texas)

Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  auditory perception and psychophysics, and attention.
Web page:  Psychology Department website. Research

Evan Heit (Stanford University)

Professor of Cognitive Science, UC Merced
Research interests:  Psychology and cognitive science focusing on categorization, inductive reasoning, and memory.
Web page:  http://faculty.ucmerced.edu/eheit

Richard Ivry  (University of Oregon)

Professor of Psychology, director of the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Research interests:  sensorimotor control, temporal information processing, neuropsychology, attention and executive control.
Web page:  Ivrylab

Lucia Jacobs  (Princeton University)

Associate Professor of Linguistics
Research interests:  Evolution of learning and brain organization, cognitive neuroscience of spatial cognition in food-storing mammals, animal models of dementia.

Paul Kay  (Harvard University)

Professor of Linguistics
Research interests:  color naming, syntax, semantics, pragmatics. Author of Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Evolution (with Brent Berlin); Words and the Grammar of Context.
Web page:  http://icsi.berkeley.edu/~kay

John Kihlstrom  (University of Pennsylvania)

Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  cognition in personal and social contexts, unconscious mental processes, memory, hypnosis, social cognition, personality, experimental psychopathology, health cognition and behavior.
Web page:  Psychology Department Website

Dan Klein

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Web page:  http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~klein

Stanley Klein

Professor of Vision Sciences
Research interests:  brain imaging with high temporal resolution, visual psychophysics, vision modeling including decision stage effects.

Robert Knight M.D.  (Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL)

Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  attention and memory; neuropsychology and physiology; cognitive neuroscience.
Web page:  Knight Lab Website

George Lakoff  (Indiana University)

Professor of Linguistics
Research interests:  cognitive linguistics. Author of Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal about the Mind. President of International Cognitive Linguistics Association
Web page:  Linguistics Department website

Tania Lombrozo

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  Cognitive psychology of explanation and understanding; concepts, theories, and causality; moral reasoning; philosophy and psychology
Web page:  Concepts & Cognition Lab Webpage

Jitendra Malik  (Stanford University)

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Research interests:  computer vision and artificial intelligence
Web page:  http://http.cs.berkeley.edu/~malik

Teenie Matlock  (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science, McClattchy Chair of Communications
Research interests:  cognitive linguistics, semantics, metaphor, political language, spatial language
Web page:  T. Matlock's website

Sam A. Mchombo  (University of London)

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Research interests:  formal syntax, semantics, morphological theory, African linguistic structure. Editor of Theoretical aspects of Bantu Grammar. CSLI and University of Chicago Press.
Web page:  Linguistics Department website

Srini Narayanan  (University of California, Berkeley)

Adjunct Professor of Cognitive Science Program, Leader, AI group, ICSI
Research interests:  Computational modeling of biological processes, stochastic grammars, natural language processing, structured probabilistic systems
Web page:  http://www.icsi.berkeley.edu/~snarayan

Geoffrey Nunberg Ph.D.

Professor of School of Information
Web page:  http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/~nunberg/

Bruno A Olshausen Ph.D.

Professor of Neuroscience and Vision Science
Research interests:  Computational models of perception, natural image statistics, probabilistic models
Web page:  http://redwood.berkeley.edu/bruno

Stephen E. Palmer  (University of California, San Diego)

Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  Visual perception and memory, Gestalt phenomena, spatial descriptions, and consciousness. Author of Vision as a Cognitive Science. Editor of Cognitive Psychology.
Web page:  Psychology Department website

David E. Presti  (Caltech (Molecular Biology); University of Oregon (Psychology))

Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology
Research interests:  Neuroscience and mental experience, mind-body problem, neurochemistry and psychopharmacology, ethnobotany, addiction

William Prinzmetal

Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  Visual attention, perception, and cognition. Perception of space.

Michael Andrew Ranney (Ph.D. in Experimental Cognitive Psychology)

Professor of Education and Psychology (Affiliated Professor)
Research interests:  Problem solving, knowledge representation & reorganization, explanatory coherence & inference, qualitative & quantitative reasoning, science instruction, numeracy (e.g., in journalism), climate change psychology, naive physics, perceptual-cognitive interactions, computational models of cognition, intelligent tutoring systems, and conceptions of biological evolution.
Web page:  http://gse.berkeley.edu/faculty/MRanney/MRanney.html

Richard A. Rhodes  (University of Michigan)

Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Research interests:  American Indian languages, grammatical theory, phonology, and lexicography. Author of "Lexical Taxonomies".
Web page:  Linguistics Department website

Lynn C. Robertson  (University of California, Berkeley)

Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  Representations of objects and space, visual search and feature binding mechanisms; attention and perceptual organization in normal and neurological populations; functional hemisphere asymmetries, spatial deficits, cognitive neuroscience.
Web page:  Robertson lab webpage

Eleanor H. Rosch  (Harvard University)

Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  Categorization of objects and events, Buddhist psychology. Editor of Cognition and Categorization (with Barbara Lloyd).

Sherri Roush

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Stuart J. Russell  (Stanford University)

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Research interests:  Artificial intelligence, machine learning, foundations of induction, bounded rationality, real-time decision-making. Author of The Use of Knowledge in Analogy and Induction, Towards Limited Rational Agents and "Principles of Metareasoning".
Web page:  http://http.cs.berkeley.edu/~russell

Geoffrey Saxe (UC Berkeley)

Professor of Education
Research interests:  Culture-cognition relations; cognitive development; numerical cognition; mathematics education.
Web page:  This link contains video and visuals to support my recent book, "Cultural development of mathematical ideas: Papua New Guinea studies" (Cambridge, 2012).

Alan H. Schoenfeld  (Stanford University)

Professor of Education and Mathematics
Research interests:  Learning and problem solving in mathematics. Author of Mathematical Problem Solving.
Web page:  School of Education website

John R. Searle  (Oxford University)

Professor of Philosophy
Research interests:  Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language. Author of Speech Acts.

Arthur P. Shinamura  (University of Washington)

Associate Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  Neuropsychology of memory and cognition and effects of aging. Author of "Disorders of memory: The cognitive science perspective."
Web page:  Psychology Department website

Dan Isaac Slobin Ph.D.  (University of California, Berkeley)

Professor of Psychology and Linguistics, Professor Emeritus
Research interests:  Child language development, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, sign language, language typology and universals, linguistic diachrony. Editor of The crosslinguistic study of language acquisition (Volumes 1-5).
Web page:  Psychology Department website

Eve Sweetser  (University of California, Berkeley)

Associate Professor of Education and Celtic Studies
Research interests:  Cognitive semantics, syntax, and mental spaces. Author of From Etymology to Pragmatics: Cultural and Metaphorical Aspects of Semantic Structure and Semantic Change.
Web page:  Linguistics Department website

Leonard Talmy

Professor of Linguistics
Research interests:  My broader research interests cover cognitive linguistics, the properties of conceptual organization, and cognitive theory. My more specific interests within linguistics center on natural-language semantics, including: typologies and universals of semantic structure; the relationship between semantic structure and formal linguistic structures -- lexical, morphological, and syntactic; and the relation of this material to diachrony, discourse, development, impairment, culture, and evolution.

Matthew P. Walker

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Research interests:  Interests: Impact of sleep on human brain function, especially the role of sleep in: learning and memory; brain plasticity; emotional regulation; affective & clinical mood disorders and aging. These topics are addressed using combined cognitive and multimodal neuroimaging techniques.
Web page:  http://walkerlab.berkeley.edu/

David Wessel  (Stanford)

Professor of Music and Psychology, Director, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies
Research interests:  Interactive composition and performance, analysis and synthesis of sound, music perception and cognition.
Web page:  http://www.cnmat.berkeley.edu/

Robb Willer

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Research interests:  Social psychology, political psychology, automaticity, social network analysis, agent-based modeling
Web page:  Personal site

Fei Xu

Professor of Psychology

Lotfi A. Zadeh  (Columbia University)

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Research interests:  Fuzzy logical approaches to artificial and natural intelligence. Editor of Approximate Reasoning in Intelligent Systems, Decision and Control (with Elie Sanchez).

David Zipser PhD  (UCSD)

Professor of Cognitive Science
Research interests:  My research is centered around understanding the brain computations that generate cognition. I use mathematical models and neural network simulations. The mathematical models are useful for understanding the computations required to implement various cognitive processes. The neural network simulations provide information about how real neural networks may implement the proposed computations. Over the past few years I have been involved in developing a gradient based mathematical approach to the motor control problem of movement path specification for limbs with excess degrees of freedom. This model accounts for many observed phenomena and is potentially implementable in plausible neural circuits. I am now working on a model of how the brain does internal simulations of movements to find an appropriate one before movement is made.