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9/13/2013     Center for "big data" in psychology to be established at Berkeley

The National Science Foundation awarded a grant to Tom Griffiths, Alison Gopnik, and Dacher Keltner to establish a new center for research on data-intensive methods in psychology. The new center will support research using "big data" approaches to study the mind, including analysis of behavioral datasets, social networking data, and mobile data collection.


4/26/2013     Alison Gopnik on play and learning

Alison Gopnik's research on the relationship between pretend play and learning was featured in an article in the New York Times this week.

Gopnik was also recently elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a significant honor.


5/27/2012     How do you refer to your mother's older sister?

Terry Regier, a member of ICBS, and his collaborator Charles Kemp at Carnegie Mellon University had a paper appear in Science this week in which they showed that the terms people use to refer to different kinship relations across human societies tend to satisfy two key properties: being simple, and being informative. This characterizes a kind of universal pattern that had not previously been documented. Some links:

The paper:


News coverage:



5/22/2012   Len Talmy receives Gutenberg Research Award
The first time this prestigious award has been given to a cognitive scientist.
4/2/2012   Tania Lombrozo receives the Janet Taylor Spence Award
A significant early career award from the Association for Psychological Science.
10/28/2011   What do babies think?
Alison Gopnik gives a presentation at TED.
10/1/2010   Neurotechnology prize for Jose Carmena
Carmena received the New York Academy of Scienes Aspen Brain Forum Prize in Neurotechnology
4/3/2010   Forget Mozart, Try Kant.
Alison Gopnik on the inquiring baby.
3/13/2010   Jerry Feldman awarded the Berkeley Citation
Tribute for leadership in promoting interdisciplinary research and opportunities for study in computer science.
2/27/2010   The Interpretation of Dreams, 2010
Jack Gallant uses fMRI to take a peek at what's on your mind
7/26/2009   New Advances in Brain-Machine Interface Technology
Jose Carmena and Karunesh Ganguly demonstrate that the brain can consolidate a neural representation for long-term prosthetic control
7/21/2009   Conference on Neurocognitive Development, July 12-14, 2009
Conference proceedings available on-line.
7/19/2009   George Lakoff named Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor
Professorship in Linguistics and Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies for 2009-13
6/11/2009   Fillmore FEST: Conference in honor of Charles Fillmore, July 31 - Aug 2
Celebrate Chuck's 80th birthday at Berkeley during this special meeting.
5/5/2009   The Mental Navigator
Alison Gopnik's new book, "The Philisophical Baby" is discussed in the Boston Globe and SF Chronicle
4/30/2009   Archived Files from past ICBS Seminars and Workshops
Click for links to materials
3/16/2009   Berkeley Cognitive Science Undergraduates to Host Conference
First annual California Cognitive Science Conference on April 25
2/18/2009   Darwin Day Celebrated at ICBS
Webcasts from the workshop, "Evolution in the Cognitive Sciences"
12/27/2008   Alison Gopnik offers her ideas for revolutionizing undergraduate education.
In a Slate commentary, Gopnik suggests how to create "scientists in the dorm".
12/9/2008   A Personal Experience with Synesthesia
Sherri Roush discusses how sounds make her skin tingle-- literally.
10/27/2008   Alison Gopnik sounds off in Slate on mirror neurons.
Rea2007 essay on, "What the myth of mirror neurons gets wrong about the human brain."
4/28/2008   Paul Kay joins discussion in NY Times on how language influences thought
Science Times article discusses new views on an old debate.
4/13/2008   Art Shimamura awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship
Fellowship to support his efforts on a new book taking a neurocognitive approach to the psychology of art and aesthetics.
1/2/2008   Conference on Religion and Cognitive Science, Jan 16-18
Hosted by The Graduate Theological Union and the Cognitive Science Program at UC Berkeley
11/26/2007   George Lakoff to receive inaugural Giulio Preti Prize
The Regional Council of Tuscany honors Lakoff's contributions in the study of Science and Democracy.
6/14/2007   Exploring Beauty
Steve Palmer discusses the science of aesthetics in a presentation at Google.
6/12/2007   Updated web materials for Jerry Feldman's book, 'From Molecule to Metaphor: A Neural Theory of Language'.
Check out recent Updates, Teaching Tips, and a Readers' Roadmap- a remarkable graphical guide to each chapter produced by John Torous, a recent student in CogSci 110 at Berkeley.
7/2/2006   Looking back into the future.
Eve Sweetser's cross-cultural research on how we speak about time.
1/20/2006   How do People Make Predictions?
New ICBS Member Tom Griffiths puts Bayes rule to the test
12/28/2005   Linguistic Modulation of Color Perception Differs for the Left and Right Cerebral Hemispheres.
ICBS members Kay and Ivry use neuropsychological methods to revisit the Whorf hypothesis
3/23/2005   Alva Noe brings the brain and body together in his new book.
Conversation with Alva Noe on the just published, "Action in Perception"
1/12/2005   LEONARDO review of recent Synesthesia Conference co-hosted by ICBS
Review of the The Fourth Annual National Conference of the American Synesthesia Association, Inc.
1/10/2005   "What Do You Believe Is True Even Though You Cannot Prove It?"
ICBS member Alison Gopnik and other scientists consider unsolvable problems
6/14/2004   George Lakoff of Linguistics and ICBS on the Language of Politics
UC Berkeley professor George Lakoff tells how conservatives use language to dominate politics.