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4/30/2009     Archived Files from past ICBS Seminars and Workshops

Lotfi Zadeh,  Dept of EECS,  UC Berkeley
ICBS Colloquium, September 12, 2008
Videotape of the talk can be found at:
Slides of the talk can be downloaded at:
"Toward human level machine intelligence-- Is it achievable?   The need for a paradigm shift." <!--[if !ppt]--><!--[endif]-->   

Barry Schwartz, Glushko Fellow speaks on Leaky Rationality, April 2008

Religion and Cognitive Science Workshop, January 2008

Link to Conference Website and Audio Files of Talks



Faculty Retreat, December 2007

"Gesture" E. Sweetser and M. Park-Doob
"What do we learn about the mind from studying the brain." B. Prinzmetal and J. Kihlstrom