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3/16/2009     Berkeley Cognitive Science Undergraduates to Host Conference

The Cognitive Science Student Association at UC Berkeley is pleased to be
hosting the first annual California Cognitive Science Conference this year
on Saturday, April 25 from 8:30am to 4pm, being held at the Faculty Club
on the Cal campus.

This conference will be a great experience for all students and faculty
interested in all aspects of cognitive science to both share research and
engage in discussion about the future of the field from where it is today.

The theme for the 2009 CSSC is Tricks of the Mind ­ an exploration of the
intricacies and mysteries of our conscious and unconscious experiences of
the world. Our keynote speakers will be Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm
Computing, Handspring, Numenta, and the Redwood Institute of Neuroscience,
as well as author of “On Intelligence”, and John Searle, Slusser Professor
of Philosophy at UC Berkeley, winner of the Jean Nicod Prize and the
National Humanities Medal, widely recognized as one of the pioneers of
Cognitive Science.

Our overarching goal in holding this conference is to recognize the
achievements that California undergraduates have made in their fields of
research.  All undergraduates who have participated or are currently
participating in research related to Cognitive Science, Psychology,
Neuroscience, Computational Modeling, Linguistics, Philosophy, Social
Anthropology, or any study of the mind are highly encouraged to submit
an abstract to as an
application to present their research at the California Cognitive Science

All information about the conference, as well as a form to register to
attend the conference, can be found on our website at