Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (ICBS)

UC, Berkeley


Spring 2005 Colloquium Series:

 Feb 04 John Campbell 

UC Berkeley, Department of Philosophy

 "Psychological Causation Without Psychological Mechanisms"


Feb 11 ICBS Faculty Retreat (all day at The Faculty Club)


Feb 18  Reserved for Cogsci Job Talk


Feb 25 Reserved for Cogsci Job Talk


Mar 04 Reserved for Cogsci Job Talk


Mar 11 Moshe Bar

 Harvard Medical School/MGH, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging

 "Top-Down Contributions to Visual Recognition"


Mar 18 Daniel Vanderveken

 Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

 "Attempt and Action Generation"

Apr 01 Sean Dorrance Kelly 

 Princeton Univ., Department of Philosophy and Program in Neuroscience

 " The Normativity of Perception"


Apr 15 Brent Edwards

 Starkey Hearing Research Center

 "Psychological and Cognitive Approaches to Hearing Loss Compensation"

Apr 29  Dennis Proffitt 

 The Annual Irv Rock Lecture

 Univ. of Virginia, Department of Psychology

   "Embodied Perception and the Economy of Action"